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"Friends have been made and relationships forged over a basket of fried green tomatoes and okra."

Les Dames d' Escoffier


Vivián Joiner and Stephanie Tyson

Owners, chef and hostess welcome you to the AWARD WINNING Sweet Potatoes Restaurant in the Downtown Arts District of Winston Salem, where they serve unique, southern inspired uptown, down - home cooking.

Vivián Joiner

Vivián has a strong background in guest relations, spending more than twenty combined years in retail and restaurant service. Her genuine care and concern for people helped to strengthen her eye for detail allowing her to function well in many aspects of guest service. Vivián has managed restaurants from fast food, independent, casual to extremely high volume all helping add to her success in the industry.

Stephanie Tyson

Stephanie is a creative chef who has turned growing up in the South into the soul of her restaurant, Sweet Potatoes.

Born in North Carolina, Chef Tyson spent countless hours dreaming of leaving for the bright lights of anywhere else. But once she left to travel and cook around the world, she could not believe what a relief it was to come home again. Trained in culinary arts at Baltimore International College, Chef Tyson and Vivian opened their award-winning restaurant in 2003 in the downtown Arts District of Winston-Salem, where they live.

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